At Conflict Solutions of Texas we actually fulfill the parties' expectations by providing expedient and cost effective resolution of disputes. "We are determined to deliver on the promise of arbitration."
- George Brin, President

Conflict Solutions of Texas is committed to cost-effective, fair and user-friendly dispute resolution by offering:

• No Filing and Administrative Fees and Refund of Unused Deposits
• Early Resolution of Disputes through Expedited Discovery and Mediation
• High Level of Party Participation in Arbitrator Selection
• Highly Respected Arbitrators and Mediators of Unquestioned Integrity

Fulfilling the Promise of Arbitration

Civil litigation can be protracted and expensive. Court proceedings are typically unpleasant for any individual or business entity involved in a dispute. In addition to economic considerations, some matters are simply too technical or sensitive to be resolved in a public jury trial. Arbitration clauses are written into contracts covering a broad spectrum of commercial activity, and Texas appellate courts have regularly enforced those clauses.

Conventional arbitration is not without detractors. It can be as expensive and prolonged as courtroom litigation. Perceived “split-the-baby” awards are causes for further concern. For parties and attorneys, dissatisfaction with arbitration is based on their own past experience with the process. Originally, the major statutory and judicial goals of arbitration were to save time and money. Presently, a majority of Texas judges and members of the bar complain that arbitration is more expensive and consumes as much attorney time and expense as a jury trial.

Conflict Solutions of Texas has recruited an excellent panel of Texas Neutrals who are committed to deliver on the original promise of arbitration.

Flat Fee Documents Only Arbitration

If you are involved in a dispute that may be resolved without an evidentiary hearing, consider the significant fee reduction through our flat fee Documents Only arbitration service. View our Rules and flat fee schedule by clicking "Arbitration Rules"

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