Simple Fee Structures

We simplify our fees to eliminate any misunderstanding and assist parties in accurately determining the costs of arbitration. We do not charge filing or administration fees, however, we request a refundable $250 deposit per party which will be placed in trust and used to pay the arbitrator(s) fee.  The only fee you will be ask to pay is the arbitrator’s hourly rate which you may verify by reviewing each panelist page in the “Panel Members” section of this website.

When arbitration proceedings are initiated, the selected arbitrator will convene an Initial Conference.  The parties, their counsel, and the arbitrator will determine a fair estimate of the arbitrator(s) time and expense.  The parties will deposit their pro-rata share of fees to cover the first Phase.  Please refer to AR-46 of CST Arbitration Rules for further information.

Pro-Bono / Reduced Fee Services

We believe that everyone deserves access to alternate dispute resolution.  Accordingly, if you tell us in good faith, that you are unable to afford the published fees of our panel members, we use our best efforts to arrange an affordable arbitration.