Engaging Our Services

How to engage our services
Parties are free to supplement or amend their current arbitration agreement.  Conflict Solutions of Texas will provide arbitration services under any pre-dispute agreement and rules previously selected.  The process of selecting and engaging Conflict Solutions of Texas to assist in resolving a dispute is simple.

1) Contact us by telephone or email
Please call or email our case managers and they will answer any questions, obtain preliminary intake information and direct you to the applicable forms and procedures;

2) Intake/Registration Form
You may complete our Intake/Registration Form on our website or we will email or fax it to you.  ALL SECTIONS OF THE FORM MUST BE COMPLETED because the information requested is necessary for appointment of your arbitrator(s) and mediator.  We require sufficient detail for the arbitrator(s) to conduct a thorough CONFLICT CHECK before accepting the assignment.

3) Selecting an Arbitrator /  Mediator
Each party should consider the credentials and qualifications of our Panelist by reviewing the “Panel Members” section of our website. Ideally, the parties will agree on the arbitrator(s) and mediator.  However, if the parties do not agree,  Conflict Solution of Texas has established a Strike and Order of Preference Procedure (AR-5).  Your case manager will forward a Strike and Order of Preference Form after all parties have completed an Intake Registration Form.  IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT NO DIRECT CONTACT BE MADE WITH THE PANEL MEMBERS AT THIS STAGE. Any additional information needed concerning our Panel Members will be promptly provided by Conflict Solutions of Texas upon request by telephone or e-mail;

4) Scheduling the Initial Conference

After the arbitrator(s) have been appointed, Conflict Solutions of Texas will contact the parties and arbitrator(s) to schedule the Initial Conference. Please familiarize yourself with Rule AR-15 of the Conflict Solutions of Texas Rules of Arbitration, which describe the procedures and requirements for participating in the Initial Conference.