How We Are Different

Dispute Resolution Services in Texas

Welcome to a faster, more efficient, and less costly method of dispute resolution

We are hearing time and again that current arbitration options are just as expensive as a jury trial. Conflict Solutions of Texas is structured to address this serious issue.

  • No filing or administrative fees.
  • Parties participate in decisions regarding the arbitrator’s time and expense.
  • Cost effectiveness through simplified and expedited discovery.
  •  Arbitrator(s) exercise broad discretion to prevent the process from becoming “private litigation.”
  • Early resolution by encouraging mediation, after the arbitrator(s) initially evaluate and discuss pivotal issues for disposition.
  • Delivery of quality arbitration and mediation services at pro bono or greatly reduced rates for those who, in good faith, can not afford our panelists’ published arbitration fees.
  • Issuance of an award within thirty (30) days following a final hearing.

“Parties and their attorneys agree that the most crucial aspect of arbitration is the arbitrator selection process.  We feel that the protocols employed by most arbitration services unduly limit participation by parties and their attorneys in this vital process. Under Conflict Solutions of Texas Rules, parties select and numerically rank panelist from the Conflict Solutions of Texas list. Additionally, each party is entitled to exercise a peremptory strike after Conflict Solutions of Texas appoints an arbitrator. At Conflict Solutions of Texas we are doing everything possible to ensure procedural fairness and integrity. Attorneys and their clients can be confident that they will receive a fair and intelligent disposition based solely on the merits of their claims or defenses.”
– George Brin, President