Our Approach

Arbitration services in Texas

Effective  protocols, streamlined procedures and efficient technologies

Arbitration should not be as complicated and expensive as private litigation.  We have developed rules that reduce the arbitrators time and expense.

Our procedures and rules are consistent with conventional arbitration requirements, however, they insure cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality or fairness in the proceedings. Here are a few examples:

Expedited Measures
Beginning with the initial conference, the arbitrator, working with the attorney’s will identify and implement expedited discovery and presentation of evidence that will effectively reduce the cost of arbitration, consistent with justice.

Presentation of Voluminous Documentary Evidence
Except in rare cases, summaries are used in lieu of full documentation. Due dates and review periods are pre-established. Any business, financial or health care records exceeding 500 pages fall under this rule. (Rule AR-17)

Presentation of Voluminous Deposition Testimony
Summaries of depositions will be admitted for review and will not exceed ten pages in length. Of course, in some cases reading and analysis of specific deposition testimony by the arbitrator will be necessary.  Due dates and review periods are pre-established.  Any deposition exceeding 100 pages fall under this rule. (Rule AR-18)


Web-based communication and case updates
We are developing computer technologies that provide web-based case status and financial accounting to parties and their attorneys.  This will reduce expense related to printing, faxing, sending and storing documents, while achieving real-time communication between arbitrator(s) and parties.