Panelist Profile: Wittig, Don


Wittig, Don

Bayview, Texas

Arbitrator and Mediator


B.A., Government with Honors, St. Mary’s University, 1963
J. D., The School of Law, St. Mary’s University, 1965
Post Graduate studies: completed over 57 graduate hours in Economics, Theology and Judicial Studies


A.B.A. Certified mediator/arbitrator, 2001 to present
Umpire/Appraisal Insurance Services, 2001 to present
Senior Appellate Justice, over ten years combined service on 14th, 13th, 12th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 5th and 3rd Courts of Appeals (elected to 14th COA).
Senior State District Judge, eleven years service on 125th District Court
Twenty-two years trial practice
First State District Judge in Texas to be Double Board Certified
Former Deputy Chief Prosecutor, First Marine Division, RVN

Area of Specialization

Miller v. Kendal, corporate securities
Serv Tech v. Stewart & Stevenson, trade secrets
Pamala Johnson v. Bristol Myers Squibb, first breast implant case tried in Texas
Chatam v ACS et al largest all issues asbestos case tried anywhere 289 plaintiffs and 25 defendants
Robinson v.Wayne Dolcefino and KTRH TV libel


Editor in Chief, St. Mary’s University School of Law Barrister News
Associate Editor, The Paduan
Author of over 600 Texas appellate opinions
Author and speaker on multiple CLE presentations
Author: HEAT: The Katrina Global Warming Trial
Navy Achievement Medal with Combat “V”
Joe C. Bettencourt award for best all around student



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